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Amanda Lynnes - Client Accountant / vCFO Business Advisor

Meet Amanda, our dedicated Client Accountant who brings her meticulous attention to detail to every task she undertakes. With a passion for ensuring clients' interests remain at the heart of her duties, Amanda is a valuable asset to our team.

Outside of the office, Jane finds solace and joy by the serene lakeside and family. She's a lover of dogs, considering them not just as pets but as cherished furry dependents. Her bond with her own canine companions reflects her caring nature and commitment to nurturing relationships.

Amanda's commitment extends to her personal life as well. She's happily married to Justin and they have an energetic daughter who keeps them on their toes. Watching her daughter explore the world with boundless curiosity brings an extra layer of fulfillment to Amanda's life. Whenever she's not balancing numbers or ensuring client satisfaction, you'll likely find Amanda enjoying quality lake time with her family, further reinforcing her appreciation for tranquility and nature's beauty.

One thing that never fails to bring a smile to Amanda's face is the indulgence of chocolate. This simple pleasure serves as a testament to her ability to find joy in life's small pleasures and keep a positive outlook.

With her dedication, attention to detail, and client-centered approach, Amanda is an essential part of our team, embodying the values and commitment that define our company's success.