Numbers are hard. Working with us is not.

Here's what people are saying about us:

Blain Mikkonen (Personal & Business Client) — Grain Designs

"We made the transition to PrimeNumbers as a relatively young company because we wanted to gain an understanding of our business from a more in-depth financial level.  We needed help getting systems in place that would allow us to analyze the various areas of our business from a financial perspective rather than the bottom line "we're making a profit" calculations we were capable of. More importantly, as novice entrepreneurs, we needed an accounting partner that would help educate us, provide guidance, and even financial advice as the business continues to grow.  The transition was seamless.  Angie and the team at PrimeNumbers are always responsive, happy to take the time to answer any questions, and have been a been a huge help with everything finance and tax related.  They've grown with our company to be a great asset and I'd highly recommend their great services for both business and personal accounting services."

Mason Orth, DC (Personal & Business Client) — HealthSource of Fargo-Moorhead

"PrimeNumbers has been an integral part of our business growth over the last 3 years. They have worked with us to see the bigger picture in our business along with being proactive in setting and analyzing budgets, allocating tax funds and yearly tax preparation in advance to eliminate any “surprises."  Working with PrimeNumbers is like an In-House accounting firm who helps you with your bottom line, has all of the up-to-date accounting information necessary to be compliant & truly cares about the outcome of your business. Their services (including their monthly bill pay program and payroll system) saves us hours of time, payroll dollars and a ton of headaches. The certainty of knowing that our business is in good hands & is being watched all of the time has allowed us to grow an become better at OUR mission in helping the Fargo-Moorhead community become the healthiest versions of themselves that they can be." 

Mike Gillund  (Personal & Business Client) — Gillund Group

"We have been working with PrimeNumbers for a few years now, and really appreciate that they can adapt to our needs. At certain times of the year, we are more involved and Joe and his team are always willing and more than able to answer our questions and educate us on the right decisions to make. Other times, when we are overwhelmed with other things, we can feel confident knowing that their deep knowledge will take care of us, so we don't have to be quite so involved.

Jay Bartley (Personal & Business Client) — Jay Bartley Agency

"I couldn’t be happier with PrimeNumbers and their entire team. They are very warm & encouraging during all encounters.  So much more than just tax preparers. You can feel that they care for the success of your organization." 

Darin Engstrom  (Personal & Business Client)

"Over the past 3 years, I have come to rely on PrimeNumbers for their knowledge and expertise.  Ranging from my personal tax return, to how best to handle the finances of my business, PrimeNumbers has always exceeded my expectations. They are a class act, and their business is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend PrimeNumbers to anyone, whether it be a college student or a business owner."

Reid Burland  (Personal & Business Client) — Geronimo Construction

"I changed over to PrimeNumbers from another accounting firm when I relocated to Fargo and am very pleased with their services. They have provided comprehensive services while being very responsive and keeping a personal touch.  From the start they worked hard to set up a system which allowed them to handle the day to day financials while insuring transparency, and keeps me informed and involved. Beyond the basic accounting, their expertise has been invaluable when dealing with my business' complex multiple state Workman's Compensation policies and taxes."